对于我国进口的艺术作品,从进口的一刻起我们全力跟进,直到展览/活动结束,并将其交付托运人, 进行接下来的旅程。


-提供地点: 根据展览或活动的类型和客户预算在全意地区找寻合适的举办地点,尤其是佛罗伦萨,威尼斯,米兰和罗马有着颇为良好的当地关系,我们的团队与全意博物馆和文化机构已经构建了牢靠的关系网,为客户提供便捷,营造活动的可视度。

Art outgoing艺术输出

123Art 将海外艺术输入意大利,同时也将意大利式的艺术展览向海外输出,团队不仅可以提供已经成功举办的展览打包服务,还可以面向各大博物馆,画廊和私人企业机构,量身打造策划并执行各主题艺术展览。


EAC-CLUB is the first company in Italy to offer a complete Creativity and Art Incoming service. 
With a special expertise and know-how on Chinese Contemporary art scene, we are in a position to handle all what is necessary in order to have an art event or a formal exhibition in Italy. Thanks to our team and our network made by best Italian Museums and Cultural Institutions, from the moment the artworks will arrive in our country we shall take care of them and we shall do all the follow up till the end of the exhibition/event and the consignment to the shipper that will handle the following trip.


We can find suitable locations in most parts of Europe and Italy, particularly, Florence, Venice, Milan and Rome. They can vary according to the type of exhibition or event and according to the client's budget.
-Customs formalities Insurance and Transportation:
We have agreements with art specialized custom shippers and transport company that will take care, under our supervision and coordination, of the artworks till the location of the exhibition. 
Dismantling and consignment to shipper for following destination. We can prepare and check condition reports.
Specialized personnel will take care of the installation, including lighting, according to the client requirements or we can propose a specific project site.
- Promotion:
Press releases and specialized mailing lists, preparation of advertising material, banners etc. For major events we will work in cooperation with a well known national art press relations company. Opening reception, with optional entertainment, official dinner. Multilingual speaking hosts if requested.
-Translation services:
Catalogue, invitations, leaflets printing , social media advertising

We can make a project for all or some of the above services according to the client needs. We can also develop an event or exhibition concept suggested by a Museum, Gallery or Company, in order to promote art, company core-values and brand identity.