A really human resource


When we pronounce the word “company” the common image is the one of a group of employees well-dressed among desks perfectly aligned.

Not all know that many companies have made of “team building” a value added.

Team building means, in the field of human resources, a series of activities finalized to the training of a group and the meaning of training, in this case, is ambivalent, on one side it implies cultural training of a group, on the other side it means the aggregation of people that with these experiences have the sensation to belong to a team and to a brand.

In this way an employee, fundamental resource inside the company, become a human resource literally, through experiences that help him in his social and personal inside the company.

Inside the are included “Dmc” that are “destination management companies”, some agencies that take care of travel organization for private or business tourism that become experiences in which the exchange and the interaction are the centre.

Here i show a company values its employees, in this way I realize the corporate social responsibility, joining the ethical concerns with the strategic vision, because doing business is synonym of union and because resources have to be really human.


Posted on February 21, 2014 .