Creative education, a modern fairy tale


“The creative function of immagination belongs to common man, to the scientist, to the technician; it is essential for scientific discoveries but also for the birth of artwork; it is even necessary condition for daily life... [...]”.


In this way Gianni Rodari defined creativity in “grammatica della fantasia” and he went on about fables and creations: “they are necessary to the complete man. If a society, based on myth of productivity (and on reality of profit), needs “half-men” – faithful executors, diligent reproducers, docile instruments without will – it means that the society is wrong and we have to change it. To change it  we need creative men that know to use their immagination. [...]”

This is creative education, an approach that values man and abilities.

An education that here in Italy was born from names as Don Milani, Gianni Rodari, Maria Montessori. The last one layed the foundations for a new educational method exported all over the world and she had among her pupils the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Jeff Bezos creator of Amazon, Jimmy Wales creator of Wikipedia, Henry Ford, Katharine Graham, famous owner of Washington Post, famous businessmen who were educated to act and think in a different way. 

New scenery are opening in front of our eyes, we are in front of a society where proliferate  professions linked to creativity thanks to who had the courage to invest in his creative spirit.

This is the demonstration that when creativity tie to the business side it gives life to interesting form of  management, where action and creation interlace in a successful product, because “to be creative is not to think but to act creatively”.

Posted on February 21, 2014 .