Made in Italy, what a passion!!

Made in Italy, what a passion!!

The tradition of made in Italy is longue as the history of the place where it was born.

Colors,, flavors, sounds and shapes of Italy are emulate and exported all over the world with attempts to absorb the Italian style which seems to be timeless. 

Famous carmakers sell their products abroad and name of fashion design are so notorious that they don’t need introctions. Sometimes it happens that virtuous foreign companies decide to invest on Italy, a short time ago a very famous chain of fast food decided to crank out well-known sandwiches with a italic name.

It does not end here,  who can forget famous italian dresses as the one that Anita Ekberg wear in “la dolce vita” of Fellini, or the one that Gattinoni realized for Audrey Hepburn in “Guerra e pace”.

Definitions, criterions and laws which protect made in Italy are many but we like to think at it as a passionate story result of the talent of brave Italians and projects that were born in Italy.

Passioni belongs to whom produce by craftsmen original products on and on. But passion is also the one we can see in creations of successfull persons who never lose their enthusiasm.

If we speak about passion we have to mention the one of investors that, in love with made in Italy and with italian life style, help creativity and companies to increase.

Let’s continue to pay attention on made in Italy and on the surprises that it will hold...

Posted on February 21, 2014 .