The angels of travel


If it’s true that “persons doesn’t make travel but are travels which make persons”, so what about persons who make trvels or other persons?

No, it is not a riddle create to confuse you, it is simply about organized travels, sometimes brief tours or cultural exchanges, art tours are more and more in vogue, they are trips in art cities with a cultural purpose.

The idea is to not go crazy in front of a pc to plan its travel but to sit down on the sofa, make a call or send a simple a-mail and adhere to the tours that agencies, public companies organize skillfully.

This approach revealed perfect for those who don’t have intention to spend their energies on the organization but want to keep them for travel, but it’s also ideal for old persons who don’t have the instruments to organize at best.

So travel is no more something that few persons can do but it becomes the best way for anybody to know and understand cultures, way of life and other visions. To do this there are them, the “angels of travel”, and with no worries you will have your travel ready: the tickets, the stay, the tickets of museums and, i you want, guided tours.

As many good ideas also the one of the travel organization is an ancient idea, if you think that it was born from a young traveler you are wrong, to be honest the idea was of Thomas Cook, a British businessman that in XIX century planes the first organized travel: at the price of one schilling a train transported more than 500 persons between Leicester and Loughborough.

Once left the first footprint the experience went on with the son of Thomas, John Cook, and it has arrived until today thanks to those who keep to walk in the world of tourist planning, giving an opportunity to who want exploit their  organizational ability.

And so what are you waiting for? Run to prepare your suitcase and go to discover the world .. without worries.


Posted on February 21, 2014 .