The art of the fresco is an ancient painting technique on fresh plaster employed to decorate the walls, the ceilings and the floors of churches and palaces throughout of Italy for more than two thousand years. It is one of the most difficult painting technique because of the deadline associated with the drying plaster: a layer of plaster will require ten to twelve hours to dry giving the artist seven to nine hours working time.
The course will teach the fresco techniques starting from the choice of the subject, the materials employed, how to arrange on the wall, what is the importance of the colour and composition, how to transfer paper drawings to the wall, the difference between “buon fresco” technique and “secco” painting technique.
To attend the fresco course it is required a basic knowledge of painting techniques.
This course is aimed at aspiring fresco artists or at those who are already working in the fresco restoration field and would like to master the traditional techniques.


Extra 90 euros will be charged for registration and member card.
Individual courses will be charged a +20% on the regular fees.