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A fine piece of jewelry is no less than a masterful work of art.
You will learn and train the art of making jewels in an authentic master jewellery goldsmith's workshop.
Under the expert guidance of a professional designer and a master craftsman you will learn to
design and create jewelry and silverware using a myriad of materials.
We offer you a rare experience to be taught in a well equipped professional workshop (not a classroom).
The programs include the traditional techniques of forging, raising, joining, setting,design and hand costruction to finished piece. You will design and create your own individual pieces fully guided through every process, at your own pace.
The goal of the classes is to encourage you to be experimental in your own work in order to increase your own potential.
Our courses are suitable for beginners or skilled learners.

Extra 90 euros will be charged for registration and member card.
Individual courses will be charged a +20% on the regular fees.