The EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF CREATIVITY is a unique and innovative widespread academy aimed towards the practice and appreciation of Lifestyle experiences and professional education of social and cultural values. EAC programs are a dynamic international network of courses, activities, interships, workshops and much more designed to best suit and enchance professional training, accademical research and personal interest.  


At EAC we like to think of Europe as a great country that can not stand any overall comparison because of its rich and generous cultural roots that have produced an inimitable style, easily recognized in tradition, culture, art, history, business . Even today, in an era of continuous innovation, Europe manages to establish itself in the world for its ability to evoke beauty and full experience.

Hence the idea , the project of 'building' an European  home, a multi-channel project for our members.
With offices in Florence (Italy)  Barcelona (Spain) and upcoming London (UK) Shenzhen (China) we are committed to offer the best tailor-made courses and special requests worldwide.

EAC programs are a dynamic international network of :

-ART, HANDCRAFT, DESIGN COURSES: programs and Tours  across the art, handcraft, design disciplines, are delivered by selected professionals and local artisans in authentic atmosphere inspiring creative thinking and direct crafting experience.

-SPECIAL & PROFESSIONAL COURSES: ranging from Event Planning to International Cultural Activities Management, from Personal Art Marketing to Creative Business, these courses provide members with a solid knowledge and practical skills to enter the work field with an international success-oriented perspective.

-CULTURE, FOOD & LIFE-STYLE EXPERIENCES/COURSES. All our Cultural programs and tours are customizable. Our members and travelers will taste local culture experiences practicing the local language and learning one of the chosen courses.

-INTERNSHIPS AND PLACEMENTS:  The Internship is available for all the members who have completed one of our courses. 
The placement is available to anybody who wish to have a professional experience in a selected range of industries.

-ON-LINE COURSES: 24h tutor, on line lessons with most updated programs.