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The EAC Corporate Services Network are a unique experiential learning opportunity that brings Companies, their clients or professionals into actual global work environments.

The programs/experiences get people closer to a range of cities, industries, work settings, and cultures while helping them developing professional skills, identify talents, clarify interests and strengthen teamwork competency.

The EAC is designed for COMPANIES or INDIVIDUALS with a focus on business and creativity. Our program is designed for those peoples interested in travelling internationally, networking with employers and alumni, exploring various professions, experiencing cross-functional workplace roles, touring company facilities, discovering new cities, and making new friends.  

Along with unique perspectives into their organizations, host organizations provide team challenges that engage people in project simulations.  Travellers learn to work effectively in groups and present solutions to real problems. 



Currently, there are two International Corporate Tours :

ICT /Europe (London, England, UK; Barcelona, Spain; Florence Italy)

Travel Dates: On request
Application: info@eac-club.com

ICT China (Shanghai and Shenzen)

Application: info@eac-club.com