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Drawing and painting activities can be tested at any age and at any level of experience. Without thinking early on of the result, the art, or the ability to draw freely allows you to discover the pleasure of drawing and painting immediately. Sessions include a number of non-academic exercises that stimulate lateral thinking and spontaneity of the gesture. From the consideration of drawing as an intellectual discipline, as well as an artistic technique, exercises will focus on the activation of perceptual, attention, mnemonic, and processes movement, which facilitate manual and mental experiences of the artistic process. The course also aims to encourage the discovery of the expressive properties of color, to develop a certain level of knowledge of colors, and to experiment with color also as a possible means of free expression.

Sessions will address the perception of edges, spaces, light and shadow, and overall perception in the drawing. The exercises produce interesting images resulting from an experience of "presence" in a stimulating and secure environment.

During this course students are free from technical and expressive constraints. The choice of themes, materials, techniques and colors will be completely free. They are encouraged to use previous acquired techniques, mix them, or experiment with new ones. The teacher will guide students in a no-invasive but supportive way, when needed. This course is perfect for those who have already attended art courses, but also for those who doesn't have any previous experience and want to get closer to artistic practice freely.

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Extra 90 euros will be charged for registration and member card.
Individual courses will be charged a +20% on the regular fees