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The objective of the course is to provide participants with the fundamentals of Psychology of Art and Design, in particular a solid understanding of the psychological processes involved in artistic and design phenomenon. 

The course aims to explore the contributions that psychology can offer to operate effectively in the fields of communication, education, management, production, and in the large scenario of the Arts and Design.
Students will be provided with visual perception, color theory, neurological marketing knowledge and will receive Art and Design Psychology tools to succeed in your creative career. 


-For a history of the Psychology of Art and Design

-Visual perception and cognition -the origins of art, the origins of man

-The artistic phenomenon and its elements: an integrated approach

-Psychological processes involved in the artistic phenomenon

-Psychology of the fruition of museums

-Arts and Communication

-Cognitive processes and neural circuits involved in the choice of a product design


-Art and Design Psychology tools to succeed in your creative career

Extra 90 euros will be charged for registration and member card.
Individual courses will be charged a +20% on the regular fees.