This course invites you to a delightful hands-on discovery of new and traditional culinary techniques, aim to offer you a wide panorama of contemporary and highly original and traditional dishes.

At the beginning participants will be guided into the right selection of ingredients, demonstrations and practical individual and group sessions. At the end of the course students will have a solid knowledge the main traditional dishes and be able to cook them for small and lage group of hosts.  Italian programs will regard the discovery and making of Antipasto, Pasta (lasagne, ravioli, spaghetti..), Piatti Poveri (trippa, ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, brushetta..), Bread (pane, panini..). Spanish program will include the discovery and making of Traditional Paella,  Tapas, Crema Catalana, and more.
In the second part of the course, students will be presented a selection of contemporary cousine selected dishes. Bio and Km0 products will be used.

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